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Poulin-Hugin Patterns and Predictions Software

About Patterns and Predictions

Founded in 2003, Poulin Holdings, LLC (dba Patterns and Predictions) is a New Hampshire Limited Liability company, pursuing a variety of technology initiatives; including the Patterns and Predictions branded predictive analytics tools, the Centiment financial search product, and now launching the upcoming Predictus network. It is a leader in predictive analytics, especially in the area of financial events prediction. And has unique supercomputing/grid capabilities. Furthermore, since 2011 Poulin Holdings has been contractor with DARPA I2O in support of the Healing Heroes/DCAPs program, and has DCAA compliant accounting systems.

Chris Poulin is the Principal Partner of Patterns and Predictions (a Predictive Analytics company). In this role, Poulin was co-author of the P&P software tool, a Bayesian classification and decision engine used worldwide in universities, as well as by industrial clients. He was most recently Co-Director of the Dartmouth College Metalearning Working Group at Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering. He is also the co-inventor of Centiment, a semantic analysis based event prediction system with current clients such as DARPA. Other research affiliations include University of Massachusetts in the area of high performance computing (HPC). He was previously VP of Advanced Technology (R&D) for a commercial search entity, (Viziant) a provider of Search/KM for the US Military. Prior to this, Poulin held senior IT positions, including dot com/networking projects with Nortel Networks. Finally, he is a patent holding inventor in Federated Web, Information Retrieval, and Predictive Analytics related systems.

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