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Case Studies

Health: Influenza Prediction: Poulin-Hugin would like to announce our newest case study. Our latest example is in epidemiological prediction. Specifically, in this case study we demonstrate the building of a predictive model for Influenza using Patterns and Predictions(TM) For more information visit the project page here ›› Influenza

Finance: Predicting The Daily Closing Price Of A Futures Contract: Using Poulin-Hugin Patterns & Predictions our commodities template "FCOJ/Weather" predicts the FCOJ historical price with a high degree of accuracy (almost 60% probability by default). Utilizing other methods we can provide greater detail ›› see FCOJ.pdf

Finance: Identifying Credit Risk Exposure: We illustrate how components of Poulin-Hugin Patterns & Predictions can be used for credit management. More then merely theoretic, a large Danish property financing company (Nykredit) is using our technology in this way as a tool for risk management. For more information visit for Nykredit.pdf and please see Credit.pdf

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