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Case Study in Epidemiology

Influenza Prediction

Poulin-Hugin would like to announce our newest case study. Our latest example is in epidemiological prediction. Specifically, in this case study we demonstrate the building of a predictive model for Influenza using Patterns and Predictions(TM). This page serves as the project page for our efforts. You will find all of the related material and links so that you might conduct a similar study.

The project summary document Influenza.pdf

The project files Influenza.zip

Recommended CDC resource links:

CMF Database (Primary Data Source)
Flu Activity Page
FluAid Software
SETS Data Software
Work of Dr. M.Meltzer et al

For more information, contact:

Chris Poulin, Project Leader/Partner, Poulin-Hugin
Tel.: +1.617.755.9049 chris@poulinhugin.com

Anders Madsen, PhD, CEO, Hugin
Tel.: +45.9655.0790 Anders.L.Madsen@hugin.com

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