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Boston, US / Aalborg, Denmark, 1 Dec. 2004.
New Software Prediction Tool.

Announcing a new technology for pattern discovery and prediction. Hugin Expert A/S of Aalborg Denmark, and Poulin Holdings of Boston US have engaged in a strategic partnership to release "Poulin-Hugin", a program designed to make pattern analysis and forecast prediction, more powerful and simultaneously easier to use.

The software is a tool with a variety of simple commands that allow the user or automation environment to build many sophisticated statistical models quickly. "This allows an automation of the discovery process, allowing the researcher to spend more time asking questions, and less time answering them." said Chris Poulin, Project Lead.

The underlying technology is called Bayesian analysis. Bayes theorem allows the inferring of a future event based on the prior evidence. The theorem was discovered by Rev. Thomas Bayes (1702-1761). Currently the world's leading Bayesian technology company, Hugin Expert A/S of Denmark has a variety of graphically based knowledge discovery products. As the world leader in Bayesian knowledge management tools, its clients include global multinationals, Fortune 500 companies, and the World's defense departments and premier research labs.

Immediate plans for the Poulin-Hugin release are as a pre-release for Hugin's existing client base. "By taking full advantage of the Hugin API, our existing industrial customers will greatly benefit from the upgrade to their existing Hugin deployments." said Anders Madsen, CEO Hugin Expert A/S. However, a general release is planned in the coming months. The most likely market interest will be in biotechnology and finance, as a few of the world's premier labs have already expressed early interest in these areas.

However, anyone with a desire to predict events based on the simplest database, will be encouraged to use the software for other data mining purposes. "At a high level, statistical pattern analysis is one of the natural ways we think everyday. Therefore, a tool that gives you this intuitive method, combined with an easy to use application was the goal. And we have succeeded." said Poulin.

The project website is www.poulinhugin.com. Poulin Holdings is the parent company for a variety of technical projects in artificial intelligence, ecommerce, and aerospace. Poulin Holdings has offices in the area of Boston US, and is currently expanding to London UK.

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