Oct 15, 2007 Patterns and Predictions version 1.6 now public with new site patternsandpredictions.com

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December 1, 2006 (BOSTON, US/AALBORG, DK)
Two years since our project's inception, Patterns and Predictions(TM) version 1.5 is now available. The newest version mainly refines the usability and learning curve for the tool. Newest features:

  • The PHJ GUI has been refined, particularly with regards to the flow of the starting FCOJ Wizard, as well as the addition of a directory parser to speed data collection.
  • A non-optional argument was added to the 'ph' command enabling the manual naming of models.

  • An option was added to disable discretization of numeric variables.

  • A new case study in the prediction of Influenza risk factors. The free case study and all associated materials can be found at the project page.

Other Announcements:

  • We have decided to focus on refering to our tool as 'Patterns and Predictions' with a new website due out shortly.

  • We are very interested in testimonials from users of version 1.5 or earlier. Please email us if you have a review!

  • Patterns and Predictions(TM) Trial v1.5 will continue to be a full featured free research tool for individual non-commercial use. Available here.

Patterns and Predictions(TM) Research Professional distribution (available at here ) includes:

  • Support (Full, 1 year)

  • Hierarchy modeling (Latent Variables)

  • Accuracy functions (K-Fold)

  • Unstructured Data Interpretation (Patent Pending)

  • Non-Windows platform builds (such as UNIX)

For more information, contact:
Chris Poulin, Project Leader, Poulin-Hugin Tel.: +1.617.755.9049 chris@poulinhugin.com

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