Oct 15, 2007 Patterns and Predictions version 1.6 now public with new site patternsandpredictions.com

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June 1, 2006 (BOSTON/AALBORG)

Poulin-Hugin would like to announce our newest upgrade, Patterns and Predictions version 1.4. We feel that this upgrade represents the beginning of a new more 'user friendly' era for us. New features in PH 1.4:

  • A cross platform GUI (PHJ) has been added to simplify the initial user experience. Basic features are included in the GUI, with the addition of advanced features planned. Includes a sample walkthrough of how to build a model to predict the price of Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (FCOJ) given a sample of weather patterns in Florida.

  • To simplify the use of PH Patterns and Predictions on multiple input files, a response file option has been added to the following commands: csv2dat, ustruct2dat, ustruct2hcs

  • A new command 'count', for creating Hugin case and data files with Object frequencies from files has been added to the suite of tools.

  • The implementation of predictive ranges has been revised to extend existing intervals to include infinity, as opposed to adding new intervals.

  • Poulin-Hugin Trial v1.4 will continue to be a full featured free research tool for individual non-commercial use. Available at http://www.poulinhugin.com/trial/

Meanwhile, our Poulin-Hugin Research Professional distribution (available here) includes:

  • Support

  • Hierarchy modeling

  • Accuracy functions

  • Non-Windows platform builds (such as UNIX)

The Technical Analyst (http://www.technicalanalyst.co.uk), a UK magazine dedicated to quantitative analysis has featured Poulin-Hugin in its March-April issue. Excerpt: "Poulin-Hugin, an international software firm that specializes in multi-factor analysis and Bayesian software, addresses the key research and analysis related challenges that face aggressive fund managers, and proposes a new means of addressing them through their "Patterns and Predictions" software suite...." The specific article can be viewed here

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