Oct 15, 2007 Patterns and Predictions version 1.6 now public with new site patternsandpredictions.com

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September 15, 2007 (BOSTON, US/AALBORG, DK)
For existing Poulin-Hugin and Hugin users and enthusiasts, version 1.6 is now in pre-release.

New features of the tool include improvements to the various commands, bug fixes on the PHJ User Interface, and the addition of a multimedia tutorial for the FCOJ Wizard example, illustrating predictive model building and inference. With this release, we continuously aim towards improvement of usability.

The tool is distributed as a dual licensed Trial/Research version that is free for personal evaluation, and personal research only. It can be found here.

Meanwhile, the Professional version is the officially Supported version. Specific features gained with the Pro version include:

  • Support (Full, 1 year)

  • Hierarchy modeling (Latent/Hidden Variables)

  • Accuracy functions (K-Fold)

  • Unstructured Data Interpretation (Patent Pending)

  • Non-Windows platform builds (such as UNIX, 64 bit)

  • The new Hugin Viewer (Model View)

  • New Command Logging features

The Pro version is currently 1000 Euro (1366 USD), with volume pricing available. It can be found here.

As always, we continually encourage the building of data mining models with the Patterns and Predictions tool, as well as the modification of these models within the Hugin environment (Hugin Explorer or Hugin Developer). Hugin Explorer allows you to add sophisticated expert knowledge to your decision network, and Hugin Developer remains the tool of choice for building on a Hugin or Poulin-Hugin technology solution.

More information can be found here.

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